365 Days of AudioPen: Still a Game Changer?

Hey there, it’s me, Jerry Garrett, back with another blog post for this week. This week, I’m going to be talking about an app that I’ve been using.

That app is called AudioPen. So, for those who don’t know, what is AudioPen? AudioPen is a tool that lets you dictate something. It takes a dictation, not only does it transcribe it to text, but it also enhances it with the description you give.

That’s a very short recap of what AudioPen is. But what am I doing with the AudioPen tool itself? Or rather, why am I making a blog post about it? Well, I’m going to be doing today, one year later, AudioPen, is it still useful?

Let’s get right into it. So, first of all, what did I use AudioPen for originally? Well, originally, I used AudioPen to make blog posts like this. As you can read over here, that is a blog post. And almost all my previous blog posts were made with AudioPen.

And that is what I mainly use it for. Now, going on to the main topic, is it still useful after a year? Well, first of all, I would say it’s still a great tool. I used it till about two weeks ago. I used to use it daily. But the thing is, recently I’ve been finding some bugs. So, it’s been not working as well.

But if it does work properly, oh my God, it’s the greatest tool for me. And if you’ve seen my videos or like my first videos about it, I was praising it because I truly did love it. If it wasn’t for these few bugs that have been coming up these days, it’s great. So, I would say it is still a very useful tool. But there have just been some bugs that have been recently coming into AudioPen. Like, you can’t really blame the creator either. The bugs are a bit annoying, to be honest. Either it just gets stuck at processing or importing, or it just reduces what I say completely and it’s just a few lines, even if I dictate it for about 5-10 minutes to the tool.

So, those are pretty much the main bugs that AudioPen has. And if you want to try it, you can check out the link over here. And if it is good for you, and if it isn’t buggy for you and maybe just for me, well, then you can get it with the link over here: https://audiopen.ai/

And that’s pretty much it for this blog post. See you guys next time. Bye!

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