Eleven And Educated: The Role my Parents Play

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

– John Rohn

Hey there, it’s Jerry Garrett, and I’m back with another post. This week, I’ll talk about homeschooling and the crucial role parents play in it. Without them, homeschooling wouldn’t be possible.

Take my experience, for example. I wouldn’t have known about homeschooling if it weren’t for my dad. Parents’ cooperation is essential to make this work. So, what do they do in homeschooling? It depends on your parents and their availability. Some parents work around the clock and don’t have time for homeschooling. Others balance work and family life, allowing them to teach their children.

In our case, my parents took up different roles. At first, my dad taught us about stock marketing since he has experience in investing. My mom taught Tamil and Math to me. She also taught me cooking when needed. Each parent contributes differently.

Another thing my dad does is research for us. Remember how I mentioned CS50 and how it helped me learn coding? Well, my dad found out about the course and introduced it to me.
If I could’ve learned coding for free, I would’ve jumped at the chance. My dad discovered about CS50, and that’s how I began. Different parents play various roles in their kids’ coding journey. One challenge you might face is socializing. If you’re lucky enough to have a friendly neighborhood with pals, that’s great. But for me, connecting with our neighbors isn’t easy – I enjoy speaking English, but we don’t share much else.

Parents can help by taking their kids and the whole family out for meals or just socializing. We also visit industries to see how they work, thanks to my dad’s connections. Although it’s been slow lately, these trips are eye-opening.

Homeschooling offers the opportunity to start your own business or pursue a regular job. To succeed in business, you need to know the ins and outs of different industries. That’s where industry visits come in handy.

That wraps up this course. See you next time! Bye!

3 thoughts on “Eleven And Educated: The Role my Parents Play

  1. Every parent wants to do best for their children.
    Some parents who works round the clock don’t get much time to interact with their children?

    Jerry what do you think how should we make sure that interaction with kids is a necessity and every parent should give time for their kids?

    We need to make people understand that their children are the central part of their existence. They become so absorbed in their work sometimes, which is meant for their kids’ welfare, that they forget the essence of interacting with their offspring. Ignoring this fundamental duty cannot be offset by their secondary activity, their employment.

    What do you think about it?

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