Exploring Caveman Syndrome from MBA.

“Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Greetings, it’s Jerry Garret here with another intriguing blog post. Today, I shall discuss a concept I came across during my MBA studies called “Caveman Syndrome.”

Imagine life as a caveman hundreds of thousands of years ago. Survival was your primary concern, and numerous challenges had to be overcome daily. Foremost among these was procuring food. Even with shelter and fire, sustenance was essential for survival. Hunting and killing animals were necessary tasks, as food would not simply materialize.

Moreover, the constant threat of predators loomed large. One had to be vigilant against snakes, lions, and other dangerous creatures. As a caveman, your very existence hinged upon successfully navigating these perils.

In stark contrast, modern society is relatively free from such concerns. Predators are no longer an imminent threat.

Food is abundant – for a price. Most individuals can pay for their sustenance without resorting to hunting or evading predators.

Read the original one here: https://personalmba.com/caveman-syndrome/

And with that thought-provoking comparison, I shall conclude this week’s post. Until next time!

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