Fun at my Dad’s Office

Hey there, I’m back this week to share an exciting recent experience. It was a summer camp organized by the company where my dad works. It was just for one day, but it turned out to be a blast.

We arrived at the office late in the afternoon – around 2:00 to be exact. There were already quite a few people, and we jumped straight into activities. First up – coloring! Now, I’m not really one for coloring. But participating with everyone else led us into taking group photos with our paintings.

After that fun little session came something even better. Employees came and did Role-play. They taught us how a client would come, different roles, etc. There was Programmers, UI/ UIDX designers, business analysts and more. They also told that apps needed consistent updates like any other product in today’s market.

They also introduced us to an app called Connect Us App available on both Play Store and App Store. Which they had actually made, and how it got rejected, etc.

The best part of the day happened on the third floor – pottery making! This was new ground for me – molding clay into shapes felt uniquely satisfying. My creation? A pencil stand while my brother made a bowl! And now a photo with the pottery master.

While waiting for another activity post-pottery session I took some time off just wandering around enjoying snacks before diving headfirst into abstract painting next involving letters representing each of our names (mine being J).

Then followed stone painting – covering stones in colors trying out various designs- mine ended up lavender after accidentally mixing white with purple paint! Then we made painted nameplates! The painted nameplates looked cool enough now hanging on my fridge!

Amidst all these activities what greeted me when I returned from a quick bathroom break truly cheered me up-McDonalds meal boxes for everyone! Enjoying burgers fries and juice along fellow camp participants wrapped up this enjoyable day nicely before we headed home.
I look forward sharing more stories next week until then take care!

9 thoughts on “Fun at my Dad’s Office

  1. That was a wonderful and concise account of your experience – we loved having you here!
    The pottery experience indeed must have been interesting – impressed by your imagination & practical approach while still being so creative. 🙂

  2. We are so glad you liked it Jerry. 😊 its a lovely & beautiful pen down of your experience at Net Solutions.

  3. Oh wow…this is so well drafted. Glad to know you had a memorable day and enjoyed the activities at Net Solutions. Your blog just brought a smile to my face🙂

  4. Hey Jerry,
    Your pic tells the story, you enjoyed the whole show and well described above. Keep it up!!

  5. Good job Jerry! Very neat, clean, crisp writeup. We, at Net Solutions, hope to you see you again soon and have fun!

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