Guiding Structure: Environment’s Impact

None are known to be good until they have an opportunity to be bad.

Benjamin Whichcote

Greetings, I’m back with another post for this week, and today’s topic is Guiding Structure, a concept I learned during my MBA studies. Let’s dive in.

What exactly is Guiding Structure? As the name suggests, it involves an element that guides your actions or behaviors. One of the main examples of Guiding Structure is Environment. By Environment, I mean the surroundings and objects near you.

Let me explain with a weight loss example. If your environment consists of junk food like chips, burgers, and soda, chances are you won’t lose weight – in fact, you might gain weight. Your environment matters. If you have healthier options like granola bars and muesli nearby, losing weight becomes more feasible.

The reason behind this is simple: temptation. When your environment includes unhealthy choices like Coke, Pepsi, or potato chips, it’s hard to resist them. However, if your environment doesn’t contain such items, there’s no temptation since they aren’t even present.

In conclusion, that’s the essence of Guiding Structure – how your environment influences your actions and outcomes. Thank you for reading this post! For further information on this concept by Josh Kaufman, please refer to his original work:

Until next week!

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