Homeschooling: How I was Schooled Before

Greetings, Jerry Garrett here, and I’m delighted to share another post with you this week. Today, we’ll delve into yet another chapter of homeschooling – my personal experience with traditional schooling.

Believe it or not, before embracing homeschooling, I was a student of a regular school. My father was already researching homeschooling but chose not to share his findings with us at the time. As a child, I followed the conventional path of attending a nearby school, where I studied and thrived until about third grade. With friends to chat with and activities like football to participate in, school was an enjoyable experience.

My father considered discussing homeschooling with me but refrained from doing so since I seemed happy. He didn’t want to disrupt my contentment. However, everything changed when COVID-19 struck.

The pandemic significantly impacted my focus during classes. Instead of paying attention, I found myself watching YouTube or engaging in other distractions – not ideal for a 9 or 10-year-old. Additionally, the transition to remote learning made it difficult for me to complete my homework without assistance from my mother.

It was at this point that my father reintroduced the idea of homeschooling. We carefully considered it this time around and ultimately decided to make the switch. Now, as a homeschooler, I find myself enjoying the learning process even more than before.

In my next post, I’ll be addressing other questions related to this topic. Until then, see you next week!

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