Talking about Damaging Admission

Hey, I’m back with another post. Today, we’ll talk about damaging admission using examples from the Personal MBA book by Josh Kaufman. Damaging admission is like building trust and caution.

Josh Kaufman once moved to a mountainous area. He found a house to lease but was warned about lions and landslides by the owners. They didn’t halt their leasing plans, but they did take precautions like securing extra insurance. This honesty built trust.

If I leased you a house without warning of potential dangers, not only could harm befall you, but your trust in me would also dissolve – or worse yet; you might end up angry at the omission of information.

Another instance involves Josh shopping for a car on eBay in Manhattan when he didn’t own one earlier. The distant dealership’s transparent approach won him over: they photographed every aspect of the vehicle—even highlighting minor flaws like paint chips on its side—which boosted his confidence in them and prompted damage control actions from their end too.

Read the original one from Josh Kaufman here:

That’s how damaging admission works; it builds trust while simultaneously encouraging cautionary measures based on transparency offered about any potential risks involved upfront rather than later causing dissatisfaction among parties involved.
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