The Adventure in Kumarakom

About a month ago, we embarked on a trip to Bangalore and Kerala. Our first destination was the beautiful Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala. Although reaching the resort required enduring a 12-hour car ride, it was well worth the journey.

We arrived at around 5 PM and promptly checked into our meandering pool villa. We enjoyed three hours of relaxation in the four-foot-deep pool before getting ready for dinner. To my surprise, my aunt had arranged a private celebration for my dad’s 50th birthday at this lovely location. My brother, cousin sister, and I saw everything beforehand and were delighted by how special the event turned out to be – complete with cake, delicious food from an exquisite five-course meal, and captivating views of both a nearby pool and lake.

The next day brought another exciting adventure: exploring Kerala’s backwaters on a houseboat! Grateful to my aunt for sponsoring this portion of our trip as well, we boarded the boat eagerly anticipating our first experience cruising through serene waters. Before setting off though, we ran quite far to grab refreshing mocktails for everyone from the bar.

As we began gliding across the lake while sipping sea breeze drinks (which tasted even better after some mixing), I appreciated being able to escape from heat outside by retreating into an air-conditioned room inside whenever needed during our voyage.

Our houseboat tour concluded around six o’clock when local fishermen started their evening catch; docking in Alleppey marked an end to that delightful day spent aboard. After enjoying some tea together as night fell upon us all too quickly once more – conversation flowed freely over dinner cooked right there on board before settling down into cozy beds lulled asleep by gentle rocking motion beneath starlit sky above until dawn broke anew signaling time again departures towards future destinations awaiting exploration ahead…

Early morning saw us checking out resort then embarking yet another lengthy drive home bound direction but not without memorable sighting: Rolls Royce Cullinan car zooming past our route return journey! That’s wrap folks – stay tuned till next week.

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