Value Delivery In MBA

“Always Delivery More Than You Are Paid To Deliver.”

Robin Sharma

Back with another post today, we’re diving into a key topic in MBA: value delivery. Picture this. The sale’s done. Money’s exchanged hands from the customer to the seller, but the product hasn’t reached the customer yet.

It can’t be just any random product; it needs quality. Customers buy because they see more value than what they pay for it. If they perceive less value and higher price, chances are they won’t buy.

Value delivery is simple – delivering a good product while making sure you get paid for it too.

Let me give an example using gaming mice. Whether you choose Logitech’s $160 mouse or Razer Deathadder Essential at $17, both have their own values. Sure, maybe Logitech seems overpriced but every dollar spent must reflect its worthiness in quality.

Spend $17 on something useless? You’ll never trust that company again.
Here’s a nugget of wisdom I’ve learned: focus on retaining existing customers rather than constantly seeking new ones—it saves money in the long run.

That wraps up today’s post—see you next week!

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