Dehli Trip: The Adventure

Hey there, I’m back with a post for this week. This week’s post will be about my recent trip to Delhi. We had planned to go by train and everything was good. We went to the train station on time, but tragedy struck. There was a one hour delay. We decided to wait it out, but that one hour turned into one and a half, then two, and more.

We decided that by the time the train reached Delhi, we could get there by car. My dad, who isn’t usually a long drive enthusiast, agreed to drive. Thus, our four-hour car journey began. After two hours, we took a break at a tea shop where we had tea and pav bhaji. I definitely needed that break. Another two hours passed by, and by 10 o’clock, we had finally reached our hotel.

If you’re wondering where we stayed, it was Park Inn by Radisson in Mayur Vihar.

This was the closest place to where we had to drop my brother. We came to Delhi for my brother’s Uttarakhand adventure. He was going to volunteer with blind people for the first time, and he was going alone. We had to drop him off for the trip.

After checking into the hotel, we kept our bags in the room. Despite the late hour, dinner was available, so we had a meal before quickly going to sleep. We had to wake up early the next day to drop my brother off for his volunteering adventure by 5:30. We left around 5:15.

After dropping him off and seeing him onto his bus, we booked a taxi and returned to the hotel for breakfast. I slept for about an hour before we decided to visit a mall. Not just any mall, but the second biggest mall in India, the DLF Mall of India. We only had an hour to spend there because we had another place to go.

In that hour, we only managed to explore half of the basement and the ground floor. There were seven floors in total, and we hadn’t even seen most of it. However, we had to leave for our next destination: a visit with my dad’s college friend, Ivy Aunty. We had just met them on our Kochi adventure, but why not meet them again?

We had dinner with them, which included my two favorites: paneer and chicken. The food was so good that I ate more than I usually do at home. The best part of the evening was when they served us ice cream. First, they gave us chocolate ice cream in a cup, which I’m not a big fan of, but then they gave me my favorite ice cream, butterscotch in a cone. I was so happy that I took a second serving.

They dropped us back at the hotel. Captain Raja Uncle dropped us off in a jet, at least that’s how it felt because, instead of the two hours it had taken to get to their place, the return journey only took 45 minutes. And when Coming Back I was talking a lot to my new friend (Their daughter).
Minutes passed before we returned to the hotel. Once there, we immediately went to rest.

Friday arrived. There wasn’t much happening since my dad had calls. In the morning, I didn’t do much. I simply read a book and found myself quite bored. However, after lunch, I was allowed to watch a movie, “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”. I really liked it.

After six o’clock or so, my dad was free from his calls. He had another one at eight, but he had a two-hour break. During this time, we went to the swimming pool. At first, I struggled to float, but soon got the hang of it. By the end of it, I realized I could tiptoe and be fine. That concluded our Friday.

Saturday came. We visited my dad’s Chartered Accountant (CA). After exchanging pleasantries, we left quickly. We then went to a nearby mall. It was around one o’clock, 1:30, so we had lunch. I tried Taco Bell for the first time, and it was actually pretty good. After returning to the hotel and enduring a bit of boredom, it was time for dinner and sleep.

Sunday was a good day because we finally got to pick my brother up from his Uttarakhand trip. In the morning, we had breakfast and I spent time reading a book. After lunch, we hit the pool again and had a lot of fun. We spent an entire hour there before returning to the hotel. I was taking a bath when we learned that my brother would arrive in less than half an hour. I showered quickly, and within 15 minutes, we were all ready and in the car. We arrived early at the area where he was to be dropped off. We picked him up, returned to the hotel and had dinner. Only my brother and I ate, as it was quite late at that point.

Monday, our departure day, arrived. We aimed to leave as early as possible to avoid traffic. Breakfast was at 6:30, the earliest possible time, and we left around 7:15. Our four-hour journey back was quite a challenge due to heavy rain. However, we successfully made it back to Panchkala.

Thank you so much for reading this vlog. Hope to see you next week. Bye!

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