Leap Year Extravaganza: How My Birthday on February 29th Became Legendary

Hey, it’s me, Jerry Garrett, and I want to share the best birthday I ever had. My birthday fell on February 29th, a day that comes once every four years. No, I’m not three years old, to make it even more special, my aunt, uncle, and cousin’s sister traveled from Bangalore to Chandigarh to celebrate with me.

Fast forward to the big day. Waking up filled with excitement, I received warm birthday wishes from everyone in the house. After a breakfast of my favorite mac and cheese, we all relaxed at home. Then suddenly, my family gathered around me with a surprise – a treasure hunt!

I dove into the hunt without a clue about what gifts awaited me. It took some time and a few challenging riddles, but I finally found all 12 gifts – one for each year of my life. Unwrapping them revealed everything I had wished for and more.

Next, we headed to Sector 7 Social for lunch. Despite the crowd, we managed to snag our favorite spot. We laughed, talked, ate, and drank together. Afterward, we made our way to Elante Mall since my relatives were visiting Chandigarh for
After a bit of shopping, we stumbled upon an unusual arcade, far from the typical kiddie games I’d grown accustomed to.

This place offered bowling, something I’d never tried before. As my score climbed to 30 points, my siblings caught up and eventually overtook me. Despite losing, the thrill of bowling left me in high spirits.

Next, I straddled a VR bike that felt like the real deal. As the bike soared through the air, gusts of wind added to the realism, and I loved every moment of it.

We sipped on mocktails before making a fantastic discovery: a laser maze! Excited and inexperienced, I felt like James Bond for a few seconds before reality set in. We cracked codes to retrieve a diamond for the good (or bad who knows) guys and raced to escape. Fumbling with thrusts and brakes on our rocket home – Earth or Mars, who knows – we lost in the final moments.

Though defeated, experiencing the laser maze filled me with joy. Back at home, we savored pizza while watching YouTube before bidding each other goodnight. As I said goodbye to my birthday for four years, I eagerly anticipated our next adventure.

That’s all for now! See you next week!

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