The three A’s of Wealth

It’s obvious that you need to make money to survive in this world, and today I’m going to be talking about exactly that. Today, I’m going to discuss three ways you can make money in this world.

  1. Active Wealth
  2. Asymmetric Wealth
  3. Assistive Wealth

First of all, is active wealth. Second is asymmetric wealth. And third of all is assistive wealth. Now I’ll go through them. But before that, here’s a visual of what we will be learning today.

Okay, now let’s move on to active wealth. Say, for example, you work at an IT company; that is active. You’re doing work, and if you don’t do the work, you don’t make money. So, I have to put in five hours, and if I put in the five hours of work today but don’t do it tomorrow, I don’t make that money. That is active wealth; you need to be doing the work for the money to come.

Next is asymmetric wealth. In this, you do spend time, and you do still put money at the start. You have to find out how to do asymmetric because it’s easier in the way that asymmetric is when you put some time, and maybe even money at the beginning. Say, for example, stocks. You spend five hours researching what company to invest in, then you invest, and you spend some money. But over time, maybe in around a year, that money comes back to you. So, you do work only once. If I do five hours of work today, I don’t need to do that tomorrow, but I still am making money.

Lastly is assistive money-making. Assistive is basically when you have someone doing work for you. Say, for example, you’re a CEO; you have tons of people working for you, which is assistive. Or, say you get a car, give it to someone, and they drive, and then you make money out of that. That’s also assistive. You don’t do the work at all; someone else does the work, and then you make the money out of it. Of course, you still have to pay the people who do it for you, but still, you make money without having to do any work. That’s the easiest way to make money. However, you can’t do that starting either because if you don’t have money starting, you can’t do all this.

And that’s it for this week. See you guys next week.

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