What my Mother Taught Me

She taught me the most important thing and everyone else was just a bystander. I’ve mentioned this main point a lot. And that thing is cooking. At least once a week my essay would have something about me cooking. But how did I even learn it? I learned it the same way everyone else did. From their own mother. When I said cooking you probably would have guessed that my mum taught it but I’ve already talked too much.

I used to always be in the kitchen looking for something to eat. Mostly because I am a foodie. I get hungry like every 30 minutes. And now the fact that I can cook makes it even more time that I spend there.

First I learnt how to make omlette. Because I always used to help my mom mix the egg when I used to be small. And once I said I was hungry. And then after that my mum said go make it yourself. And I was nervous but I came and attempted my shot. And then I put the eggs in the bowl to mix it… I mixed it and then I put the vessel in the stove and I put the mixture into the vessel. And so it cooked. My mother told me when to flip it and I did. And then I sprayed some pepper. And Voila, My first Omlette was made!

My dad also drinks coffee. And he drinks black coffee not the one with milk. And It is quite easy to make. So my mother taught me how to make it. It is quite simple actually. Just put the powder, some brown sugar, water and mix! There you have it how to make a coffee. And now it is time to finish the blog 🙂

Bye guys! See you all next week!

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