Why Fix What Ain’t Broken? Exploring Intervention Bias

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

Robeartson Davies

Hey, it’s me, Jerry Garrett, and I’m here to discuss an MBA topic: Intervention Bias. Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing concept, shall we? Picture this: a problem arises in a system, and Intervention Bias tempts us to make unnecessary changes. Why? To feel in control and important.

Imagine a company that buys books for its employees, no questions asked. It’s great for the workers, but one person takes advantage of this perk for personal gain. What do you do? Many managers would scrap the whole policy, angering responsible employees.

Instead, try talking to the rule breaker and work out a solution. Punish only them if needed. To combat Intervention Bias, think like a scientist and consider the null hypothesis: what if you did nothing?

In essence, Intervention Bias can be likened to a deceptive mirage, enticing us with the illusion of efficacy while obscuring the true path to effective problem-solving. Let’s heed the wisdom shared by Josh Kaufman in his insightful exploration of this concept and strive to navigate our decision-making processes with clarity and discernment.

Before making changes, ask yourself: do I know how to fix this? Will it make a difference? That’s Intervention Bias in a nutshell. To sum up whatever we have learned today (Unless you already knew it) Here is a visual:

Read the original one from Josh Kaufman Here: https://personalmba.com/intervention-bias/

See you next week!

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