Eleven And Educated: Seeking Answers

Homeschooling allows you the freedom to step off the highway of learning and take a more scenic route along a dirt road.

– Tamara L Chivler

Greetings, I’m Jerry Garrett, and I’m excited to share another post in my homeschooling series. This week, I’ll address a concern that many people have when considering homeschooling: What if things don’t go according to plan? What if homeschooling doesn’t work out?

This was one of my primary concerns when I first started exploring the world of homeschooling. But after some research, I discovered a safety net – at least in India – called NIOS. NIOS is a program supported by the Indian government that allows students to enroll and take exams for 10th or 12th grades, even if their homeschooling experience didn’t go as planned.

For instance, if my homeschooling journey doesn’t work out, all I have to do is wait until I’m 14 years old. At that point, I can take the 10th-grade exam through NIOS and continue with my education in a more traditional school setting. This means that even without completing 6th or 7th grade, I can still pursue higher education as long as I meet the age requirement.

To enroll in NIOS, all you need is a self-certificate affirming your capability to participate in the program. Knowing this option exists has eased my mind and helped me focus on making the most of my homeschooling experience.

Of course, there were other minor concerns when switching to homeschooling, such as what curriculum to follow. However, those were quickly resolved. That’s all for this week’s post – stay tuned for more insights into the world of homeschooling!

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