Quarterly Quest: Navigating Homeschool Life in JFM

Hey there, it’s Jerry Garrett, and I’m here to chat about my JFM plans. If you’re not familiar, JFM stands for January, February, and March. It’s how we plan, track progress, and sometimes correct our mistakes.

Homeschooling Book Draft

You might’ve seen homeschooling posts on my blog lately. I’m drafting all the chapters on my blog first. With around 10 chapters and a post every week, it’ll take about a quarter of the year. Afterward, I’ll expand and polish the base version.


Next up is the Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman. This book has been a game-changer for me. Currently in chapter 7 of 11, my goal is to reach chapter 10. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even surpass that.

CS50 Course

Then comes CS50, a coding course taught by Harvard. We dedicate an hour every day to it. With about 120 days left in this quarter, we should finish around 60 episodes. My aim is to complete CS50 within this time frame.

Coding Exercises

I plan to tackle coding exercises. Once I finish CS50, I’ll dive into Python or HTML. My dad is a skilled coder and can provide fun exercises to practice my new skills without feeling overwhelmed.

Learning to cook Roti

At last, there’s an offline skill I cherish. If you’ve stumbled upon my YouTube channel, you’d know my heart beats for cooking. I’m no stranger to the kitchen, whipping up omelettes, milkshakes, and even homemade cottage cheese. Pasta? You bet.

Picture me crafting a meal for the whole day. Breakfast starts with a fluffy omelette, followed by a hearty paneer dish for lunch. But when it comes to mouth-watering roti, that’s where Mom steps in. Why not me? I can do it too.

After I learn to cook roti, I can cook for myself, or the whole family of course. For the whole day I can cook as I can make Roti And Paneer. Omlette for breakfast as mentioned before. And for dinner I’d make a crispy Dosa And That’s it.

So there you have it – my JFM goals: writing a book draft, advancing in the Personal MBA, completing CS50, and enjoying coding exercises, and last of all learning to make roti. Here’s to making progress and learning from our journey!
Until next week, take care!

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