Hassle Premium

In this post we will learn three things:

  1. What is Hassle Premium?
  2. How can something be a “Hassle”?
  3. How to make money with Hassle Premium?

What is Hassle Premium?

Few things in life are a pain to do. And it will change by every person you talk to. For example if they are busy with jobs, they might need a baby sitter for their kid. Or for example if you are busy, maybe you can hire someone to teach your kid something like: Low code no code websites, and Cleaning the house and more. Put into simple terms, Hassle premium is when something is very hard to do or is a pain to do so you hire someone to do it for you.

How can something be a “Hassle”?

These five things I am gonna say now are the things which might make things a hassle.

  1. It takes too much time.
  2. It takes too much effort.
  3. It is less important from other important activities.
  4. It is very Confusing or very complex.
  5. The tools that they use are hard to get or are expensive.

These are the main reason things can be a hassle.

How do you make money with Hassle Premium?

Before we start talking about any of this, we have to research and find out what all are common hassles? And after finding them we find a solution to it. Then we offer to do that to the customers, and then you make money. The first topic I said can be used for explaining this, by that I mean the examples, like tuition, or learning something with the help of the teacher, which will be you if you are looking to make money. You can teach people things like MBA or it can be maths, almost anything.

And that’s it for today!

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