The Sweet Spot: Mastering the Middle Path

A master in any art avoids what is too much and what is too little; they search for the mean and choose it.


Hey there, it’s me Jerry Garrett and back with another post for this week. This week I’ll be talking about another MBA topic. So what’s that topic? So today I’m going to be talking about Middle Path.

  • What is Middle Path?
  • How can It be used daily?

Those are the two main points that I’m going to be talking about today. Let’s get right into it.

What is Middle Path?

When you do something, it should not go on either of two sides, too low or too high.

And it can also be used in other things, too extreme or not interacting. It can be very bad on being on either side. Let’s take the easiest example you might understand if you like to cook or you at least know about cooking.

Salt. If you put too less, it’s tasteless and you wouldn’t really like eating it. But too much, oh my god, it’s the worst food ever. So, you should put just the right amount. That just the right amount is between less and too much. And that between is what is called Middle Path. Here are some other examples of Middle Path.

When you are driving a car, when you hold the brake pedal to slow down, if you do too less, if there’s a car in front of you, you will probably smash into it. If you do too much, if there’s a car behind you, it will rear-end you or it will just be a very sudden brake and neither of them is good. So, you’ve been in the middle and you have to brake gently, but not too less and not too much. Again, it should be in the middle of the path. So, that’s pretty much what Middle Path is.

How can it be used daily?

Most people are usually aware of this, but they usually don’t use it and do it. That is important. You should actually do what you know and is proper and what you should do. Now, lots of people do have knowledge of Middle Path, but they don’t use it.

Even I am not saying other people. I’m just going to be taking myself as an example. I’m just going to be taking myself as an example. I don’t do it myself. So, with that knowledge, you should now go ahead and use Middle Path in other things. That’s pretty much how you can use it in your daily life.

Read the original one from Josh Kaufman here:

And that’s it for this post. See you guys next time. Bye.

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