Trekking And Dam Adventures!

Greetings, It’s me Jerry Garrett, and I’m here to share my recent trekking experience. Last week, we discovered a place called Siswan Dam, located in Siswan, Punjab. Initially, we went for a drive and to see the Damn Dam but soon realized there was a trekking trail.

Fast forward to the following Sunday, my dad’s friend KK uncle arrived from Chennai to meet my dad for various reasons. He joined us for the trek, and we split into teams. My dad and KK uncle formed one team, while my mom, brother, and I formed another. My dad’s team was incredibly fast and quickly outpaced us.

The trail began with a steep ascent, which was challenging but became easier afterward. At one point, I was exhausted but found a small building where we took a break. Afterward, I felt energized and continued at a faster pace.

Our goal was to see the second of three viewpoints on the trail. We thought we had reached the first viewpoint, but it turned out to be the second one. Before reaching what we believed to be the third viewpoint, we encountered my dad’s team returning from their trek. We decided to join them back as we were quite tired.

And Here is a photo of me on one of the ark’s which are located on the trail.

On our way back, we stopped at the second viewpoint (which we thought was the first) and took some photos. After completing the trail in around 1-1.5 hours, everyone was famished as it was around 3 PM and no one had eaten yet.

We headed to Omaxe, where there were a few restaurants, including Chawla’s which served traditional Indian/Punjabi cuisine. Unfortunately, it was crowded due to a cricket match screening. After waiting for half an hour without getting seats, we settled for Barista instead of my preferred choice – Subway.

I ordered a sandwich that filled me up considerably. My brother ordered a mojito which I also drank, and by the end, I was too full to consider takeout from Subway. We then drove an hour to drop off KK uncle at the airport and another half hour back home.

The experience was amazing, and a special thanks to KK uncle for visiting us all the way from Chennai. See you next week

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  1. I had a very good time with you and Josh…and you both were a sport even though the trek was becoming tough you both gave a good company. Also I enjoyed having lunch with all of you. I left to Chennai with lots of good memories…

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