My Trip to Kochi

I want to tell you about my trip to Kochi. It was a short three-day journey, but truly the best I’ve ever had. We flew from here to Bangalore and then on to Kochi after a three-hour layover. During that time, I feasted in the lounge – drinks, ice cream, paneer – all my favorites.

We landed in Kochi airport which was impressively larger than expected and fully solar-powered. Since we couldn’t check into our rooms until the next day, we visited my dad’s friend Sastry who lives nearby.

The evening passed pleasantly with walks around town for tea and pakoda before returning home where Sastry Uncle played chess with my brother while sharing some tips and tricks of his profession as a chess teacher.

Dinner at Saravana Bhavan restaurant filled us up with Chena Bhatura delighting me since it’s one of my favorite dishes. The following morning saw us driving back to the airport where our driver took us on a two-hour drive towards Alleppey resort near Kumarakom.

Checking into the resort was quite an experience with drones capturing our arrival! After settling down and grabbing lunch outside instead of ordering from within the resort (as it took too long), I spent time exploring what else this place offered.

The next day held surprises including attending Kaurinya batch reunion at 5 o’clock followed by fun-filled hours at poolside as swimming is something I enjoy immensely even if only possible using floaties given that this pool was four feet deep!

A photography session marked Saturday’s start followed by houseboat lunch delayed due to previous engagements still being wrapped up. The best part in the houseboat was Indeed the ice cream. Which was given to us from another fellow seller on the lake with a boat, Despite delaying further schedule for events planned later that night like lantern releasing ceremony or live dance music during dinner – everything went off smoothly making these moments memorable ones forever etched in mind & heart both alike!

Sunday arrived bringing along early wake-up calls because our flight scheduled for 2 PM meant leaving hotel premises no later than 10 AM considering travel duration between destination points involved here i.e., two full hours! En route airport though tragedy struck when news broke out regarding cancellation concerning Delhi-Chandigarh leg affecting plans drastically yet thankfully aunt came through arranging train tickets just-in-time saving grace indeed thereby ensuring safe return back home after adventurous escapades spanning over entire weekend period across different locations throughout India itself!!

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